About Us: Electrical Power PE Prep Class

Power PE Prep Class offer to learn, study, and review for the Electrical Power PE Exam with our skilled professional with more than a two decade of experience in power engineering.


Get to Know Your Mentor/Instructor

  • Our Instructors have years as an Electrical Power Engineering experience. Having a highly versatile career,our instructor has acquired both knowledge and a strong network of professionals over the years. He still loves his career as an electrical engineer and continues to perform his best in his role, while assisting aspiring engineers to gain more knowledge.

Three Reasons Electrical Power Pre Class Should be Taken

  • An instructor who does not just seek to educate, but also to motivate and encourage students to take on various challenges and bring out the best in them. Our Instructor provides every student with detailed background knowledge of the Electrical-Power PE Exam.
  • Our Instructor does not only have practical but also consultant and instructional knowledge in the field of Electrical Power Engineering.
  • He has a diverse set of experience working with engineering firms from Utilities, IPP, Industrial. He has helped management commercial power plants while also providing optimal solutions to enhancing Power Engineering field processes.
  • His strategy starts with encouraging students to strongly build their background knowledge of power systems followed by topics of problem solving and practical solutions. The final exam structure and methods to solving it are also taught.
  • The second phase includes a 2 days live classroom of 16 hours where every topic’s problems and solutions will be presented to the students ranging from Easy to Tough. Students will have to utilize their gained knowledge to tackle the problems and utilize all the formulas and calculations needed for the Electrical Power PE Exam.
  • Our Instructor strongly believes in practicality, hence this live classroom is held to help students with step-by-step solutions and prepare for the exams in advance. The live classes are held a week before the exam week in Sunny Orlando, Florida.

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